Smoking and vaping cannabis are the most common ways of consuming cannabis. While users can consume cannabis in various ways, smoking and vaping is the most prevalent way of consuming the plant because it offers faster and long-lasting effects in no time. When one smokes cannabis, the part of the plant mainly consumed is the flower buds. The flower bud is grounded into a fine form which users can then place in a bong or a bowl or rolled up in a joint.

While smokers can smoke cannabis for many reasons, including its therapeutic benefits, users primarily consume the product for the euphoric effect one can achieve after smoking. This feeling is known as the high. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component of the cannabis plant is responsible for this feeling.

1. What Determines The Extent of The High?

Many factors contribute to how high one gets after smoking a joint. The first and obvious factor is how much you smoke. When one smokes a lot of cannabis, they are likely to have a potent and longer-lasting high than someone that smokes one or two puffs.

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Another factor could be how one smokes, also known as the smoking topography. Two people smoking cannabis hardly ever have the same intake. A habitual smoker is likely to inhale. When one smokes a larger puff and keeps more in their lungs, that person will have a more potent high than the novice smoker.

The third factor affecting how high one gets is bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how one’s body can absorb the drug consumption. In a typical sense, when one consumes any substance, including nutrient supplements, medication, and even cannabis, the body can only take up a limited amount. Thus, an individual’s bioavailability and tolerance affect how high they get.

Lastly, the ratio of the components of the cannabis can affect the extent of the high the product causes by a significant degree. The most potent components of cannabis are CBD and THC, which means when the joint’s content has more CBD than THC, the joint is likely to be less potent, whereas if the joint has more THC than CBD, then the joint will be more concentrated.

2. Quantifying The Amount Of THC In A Joint

Before identifying how much THC is in a joint that you want to roll, it is crucial to understand how your joint weighs. Research has indicated that the typical joint weighs between 0.30 and 0.35 g. This quantity varies depending on the size of the joint you roll. Those who prefer thicker joints with more volume are likely to have heavier joints than those who prefer slender joints.

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After identifying how heavy the joint you are smoking is, the next step is knowing the quantity of THC in the strain of cannabis you want to use. Most dispensers indicate the composition of their strains to allow their consumers to make an informed decision. The typical strain will have around 18% THC, whereas other strains have more than this composition. However, you rarely get a strain with more than 35% THC composition.

Once you determine how much THC is in the strain you bought, your next task is calculating the amount of THC in the joint you want to smoke. This calculation can be done by multiplying the weight of the joint with the potency of the THC in the strain you have. 

So, for the 18%, THC strain with a 0.35 g joint, the calculation will be 0.35 mg multiplied by 18%. This calculation will give 0.063 g. To get the amount of THC in the joint in milligrams, multiply the weight of your joint by 1000 since 1 g is equivalent to 1000 mg. This will mean 350 mg multiplied by 18% to give 63 mg of THC.

3. Smoking Joints With High THC Content

While it may tempt you to get a joint with high THC content, it is essential to consider the risks associated with smoking joints with high THC content. One noticeable effect is that the high will be more potent and last longer. Experiencing a longer and stronger high could affect your ability to continue with your daily activities.

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Another problem you may face with smoking joints with very high THC content is hallucinations or delusions. Therefore, it’s necessary to smoke in moderation and identify how your body absorbs the cannabis after smoking it. Nonetheless, you should only consume cannabis in moderation, knowing that too much could be too dangerous.

Wrap Up

Regardless of how much THC is in the joint you want to smoke, consider other factors that affect how high you can get. Factors such as bioavailability, smoking topology, and puff technique should guide you. When in doubt, kindly consult a medical professional or a cannabis dispenser to explain what you should do.


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