These nine courses in Indigo Software are geared toward software developers with specific skills and can help you get ahead in your career.

There’s no better way to get ahead in software, than to study with the help of these courses — that’s how you’ll gain real world experience. Learn more than just programming languages. There are real life problems that you can solve in an online course. Plus, there is the satisfaction of getting ahead! Blog: If you haven’t heard of it yet, then “Learning is Fun”. That said, not all hobbies are a good use of your free time.

Theres an army of bloggers out there trying to get some cash for their writing. There is probably a blog dedicated to each topic you choose to write about, so why not take advantage of those resources.

You dont know where to start, so you pick the very beginning and try hard to be creative. There are also various free courses and programs that can guide you further than you ever imagined. Blog: Getting Back into The Gym After a Month Old blog: You get plenty of exercise, but you find it is hard to maintain your new-found routine. To keep things fresh and challenge yourself, take a look at some of The Dangers Of A Monthly Exercise Schedule.

Once a month, walk for 20 or 30 minutes. This will keep your blood flow and energy up without leaving you hungry at night. It reduces stress and improves sleep. Follow these two steps: Walk every day at the same time, 30-40 minutes, from 8-11am. Get up and change your clothing while you wait for your alarm to ring. Be sure to walk after work and sleep before you leave bed.


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