It’s time we talked about the hidden code that powers some of the most successful and successful programs, apps, and games out there. We’re gonna dive into it, so you know everything you might know about this list.

Today we will uncover the hidden code, and talk about how you can download it in your AppStore of Choice (or other platform), and if this is something you care about too.

The code on this list is not available for you to download right away, but after you purchase your apps, games, and other software from one of these platforms you can learn more about the code, and how to access it. In just ten minutes you will go over each feature on the list, plus what it means for you as a developer. You will discover what a few of the more popular platforms lack, and how to incorporate it into your creations.

For those not interested in using a traditional distribution channel like the AppStore or Google Play, you can use the code we uncover while visiting your favorite developer page on these platforms to get immediate access to new app, game, or SDK updates.

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