A few years ago it was all about Blackweb Software, the top selling Windows mobile software, but it’s quickly changing to become the leading tool for the internet of things (IoT) space. What’s changing is the software platform itself. And that means something a lot more. One of the most important points is in the video. Blackweb is now the one and only software manufacturer to have more than 350 licensed products.

In fact, Blackweb Software has created over 200,000 apps on a variety of platforms. The Blackweb app store has become the largest developer platform ever created. With over 350 apps and an audience of over 50 million (which includes some of the largest mobile network providers), Blackweb has become one of the largest and fastest growing app software developers in the world. The fact is Blackweb provides value not only to its customers but also to its shareholders and business partners.

The new Blackweb Mouse Software will help you develop the next generation of smart and safe wireless devices. That’s because Blackweb Mouse Software is built with more than just a product. With more than just a wireless mouse, it combines over 250 different features in an elegant and unique wireless mouse, which is also incredibly easy to use. The Blackweb Mouse is also fully waterproof so it is a must have for you and your family.


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