Many candidates just graduate with no prior skills, no idea how to code, or even what the job is. New grad is the worst. Some may wonder if they ever worked on anything that mattered. But then come the worst.

While I am sure all of us have had moments that left us wondering if we did things right and how we succeeded in life, chances are, at least on average, we’re on the right track. The next 12 months can be tough on everyone involved but hopefully you are on the path towards a happier and more satisfied you now that you are approaching the biggest year of your career.

A lot of job offers are out there, especially to software engineers. The problem is that you have to do the right job to get right the offer. After you have done the recruiting, the right interview and the right candidate, everything is about finding the real reasons why you are the right person for the job and you need to ask if it makes sense to you.

Before a new software engineering position arrives, there is a very important process you must complete. There are 3-5 things you look into before submitting an offer. Some of them maybe you already knew about but you have to look at so you can know if you truly want it. You may need to be careful that you do not put your other offer out there. Asking them why they would put it out there is definitely the wrong thing to do.


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