Every enterprise demands a software infrastructure that is highly customized to it’s own unique business requirements. These standards have changed radically over the course of history, making software development more complicated and costly than ever. Today, this complexity often requires the use of multiple custom-made languages, and a significant amount of technical debt, creating a more challenging and costly process.

As an entry-level developer, your first job is to create software for your team, not to invent the wheel! To become a top-notch developer, you should be fluent in each of the major object-oriented languages — C++, Java, and Python. And because languages have dramatically increased in complexity in recent years, you also should be fluent in the object-oriented programming paradigm (O-P).

Be a skilled and proficient O-P programmer, in C or Python, and this blog includes a tutorial on how to write a parser and a simple O-P code to translate into natural-language statements. It also features a step-by-step explanation of the basic concepts and concepts of O-P.


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