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The Negative Effects of Having a Startup Disk Full on Mac

When your startup disk is full on your Mac, you will experience a computer that is not working to full capacity and not working in the way that you need it to. These negative effects extend to include the following:

  • Needing to spend the time to clear disk space on your Mac
  • Needing to make the necessary space immediately in order to use the computer
  • Having a computer that runs applications and programs slowly
  • Not having the space to save new work or programs
  • Loss of efficiency in all processes

Manual Ways to Free Up Disk Space

When you are alerted that your startup disk is full on your Macbook Air, you will need to clear space immediately. This can be done manually or with an application. First, we will explore what you can do. These processes will take more time, but they will also get you more involved in the process so you can efficiently free up disk space.

  1. Uninstall applications that you don’t use. This is the first thing that you should do to free up the most space. Some applications can take up a lot of space that could leave your system clearer with just a few of these programs deleted.
  2. Empty the trash. This is also a step with a sizeable return that you can do when you haven’t emptied your trash recently, or ever. When you delete files, they are not removed from your system completely; they are simply sent to the trash in a different location. This should be emptied regularly.
  3. Remove duplicates. This is an issue that most commonly plagues pictures, music, and other media files. This is mainly because sharing and creating new folders can also create new copies of the files. This will take some time and dedication to complete manually but will leave you with applications that are more organized.
  4. Use an external drive to store files. There are some things on your computer like old vacation pictures that you should keep but will not need to access regularly, and therefore, they can be kept on an external drive or even in online storage rather than on the Mac’s hard drive.
  5. Analyze the disk space that is being used. When you do this, you will be able to see which applications and programs are using space on your hard drive and why. You will be able to better optimize your system when you know more about how you are using it.
  6. Delete the contents of the download folder. Whether you download documents online often or not, you will find that when your download folder gets neglected the build up will begin to affect performance. This is also something that can be done regularly to ensure your downloads do not affect the speed or performance of your Mac.

Using an Application to Clear Disk Space on Mac

While manually cleaning up your system is effective to some extent, it is certainly not the most effective or the fastest option that you have. To free up disk space on Mac, you can download an application or program like MacFly Pro and complete the cleaning process in ways that you would never be able to on your own.

My Mac  is a comprehensive cleaning application that will scan your entire Mac and get rid of all of the junk that has built up in the different areas of your computer. When your startup disk is full on your Macbook Pro, this is the quickest and least expensive way to free up space. It is also a highly effective clean hard drive Mac process.

You can download a free trial of this application to experience how well it works and how much space it will clear before you decide to make a purchase for future scans. With such a high level of effectiveness, you will not be wasting any time or money as this application will keep your start up disk clean and even extend the life of your Mac overall.