Huawei had lots of matebook and smartphones of different collections and series. Huawei matebook 13 is also one of them. This is also one of the best laptops in the admired collection of Huawei and its other series.

Although it is the best version of the Huawei laptop that was realized in 2021 and if you want to know more about huawei matebook 13 all about its features and basic details click on the link and grab all the information of your need.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the important information related to Huawei matebook 13. We are going to take an overview of all the specifications that are involved in this smart matebook.

Specifications To Know About Huawei Matebook 13


  • The overall width of this smart matebook is almost 286
  • The depth of this smart matebook is almost 211mm
  • The calculated depth is almost 14.9mm
  • Weight is approximately 1.3kg
  • All the dimensions are calculated and measured theoretically


  • The size of its display screen is almost 13 inches
  • It has an IPS-type of screen
  • Its screen-to-body ratio is almost 88%
  • The aspected ratio is almost3:2
  • The overall resolution of the screen is almost 2160 x 1440, with a 200PPI range.
  • 300 nits of maximum brightness level
  • It had the brilliant 100% sRGB color gamut
  • The accurate viewing degree is almost 178
  • It also contains an optional touch screen
  •  For eye protection, it contains low blue light with DC dimming and is fickle-free.

Operating System

  • It had Windows 10 and also had the upgraded version of Windows 11 for free.


  • It had the 11th intel core i5 processor for best performance
  • It also had the 11th generation, intel core i7 gentle processor.


  • It had almost the 8GB and 16 GB of internal memory


  • The storage space is almost 512 GB with SSD.
  • The actual or given storage may be less because of formatting or processing.


  • The battery is actually made up of lithium polymer.
  • The overall capacity of this smart matebook is almost 42Wh.
  • This is the rated capacity of the batter.


  • It supports the wifi connectivity with different GHz
  • It also supports Bluetooth connectivity with BT5.1

Keyboard And Touchpad

  • It had the best full-size blacklist keyboard
  • The touchpad had the multitouch sensors
  • The Huawei share is already built-in


  • 720P HD front camera for video calls or video conferences.

Audio And Video

  • In the audio processing, it had 2X speakers
  • It also contains 2 microphones for the best audio experience.

Some Feature Applications

  • It contains some features like applications or sensors that are already installed into it.
  • It had Huawei share
  • It also contains a PC manager
  • Display manager and eye comfort mode 
  • Performance mode is also available like hotkeys
  • Also, contain Huawei factory reset.


In this article, we discuss all the important information and specifications related to Huawei matebook 13. This mate book is recommended for those who want to do loaded work in their daily routine. This is the best laptop for daily work and processing.


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