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My Mac is slow: what should I do?

Most Mac users are well acquainted with the situation when you discover that your Mac is slow. Your Mac boots slowly and it may take minutes to cope with a task that it used to perform fluently just a week ago.


Possible causes why computers Mac run slowly

Actually, there are quite a few factors that may make your Mac slow. It may be a lack of memory, excessive number of startup programs, a virus, an extremely vigilant antivirus software, too many running add-ons or open tabs on your browser and, of course, such simple consequences of your unskillful use as simultaneous run of too many apps. But probably the most frequent factor in making your Mac run slowly is insufficient free space on a hard drive. The reason is that the space of the hard drive is taken up by all kind of programs, their updates as well as downloads. A sizable contribution to the clogging is made by the stuff that you’ve never downloaded or installed intentionally: temporary files and leftovers of deleted programs. In most cases (unless you have a super powerful processor and no really demanding programs to run) your Mac is very slow.

The best remedy for the overclog that makes your Mac slow

What remedy can we offer to a Mac book running slow? Some of the above mentioned causes of you Mac going slowly are quite primitive and can be solved in a simple way. Much of the necessary stuff will disappear once you delete all the trash. But others are not so easy to remove. You have to look for idle programs that you may have forgotten about. You have to care about not removing the files that you really need. Besides, apart from cleaning your Mac drives, there are other ways to boost its performance. So you may formulate your need correctly: if you Mac got slow, you would welcome a program that could speed up its performance both by dealing with all sort of junk files and by other methods to streamline performance. To deal with this complex task, there is an excellent Apple product MacFly Pro that literally investigates the machine, then it derives all possible reasons of your Mac being slow and notifies you about possible improvements giving it on your discretion to implement the proposed action (uninstallation of a no longer needed program or deleting all sort of junk like duplicate files, huge old multimedia or leftovers of previously deleted software).

How does it work

MacFly Pro consists of three modules (SmartAssistant, CleanUp and Tools). You can use each depending on the stage of your cleaning efforts.


We would like to recommend the following sequence. Start with the Smart Assistant. This module works on the background and it never deletes anything without consulting with you. As a result of its scanning, it constantly informs you about improvements that you can apply at the moment. A special advantage of Smart Assistant module is its capability to detect so called configuration files, which may be located together with the main files of the programs that you intend to keep. We don’t usually deal with configuration files but they may be generated quite often and in big volumes without being deleted when they are no longer needed. In this way, they may take up quite a lot of the disk space. Smart Assistant can perfectly distinguish between unnecessary configuration files and the configuration files that are really needed, and offer you the choice to remove all the files suggested to delete or select from the proposed list.

When you are dealing with the task to delete many junk files of different kind you will probably need the CleanUp module. Here you can customize the scanning mode. CleanUp scan can detect such kinds of leftover files as iPhoto cache, temporary files and email attachments. Additionally, the module locates such possible threats to your Mac as suspicious downloads and malware. CleanUp adapts to your work schedule and performs background scan without any slow-down of your system. With CleanUp in place, you no longer need to seek junk manually or remember the day of your recent checkup.

And finally the third module, the Tools. It is perfect in uninstalling unnecessary apps: it removes them without leaving any leftovers on your computer from your Mac desktop or your Mac book. Probably the function of Tools may be defined as advanced management. The module sets off after the CleanUp has deleted the obvious junk and starts to perform an even more sophisticated scanning. It targets the files which need is doubtful, analyzes them and submits them to your final judgment.

Thus, if your Mac has become slow, the best solution is MacFly Pro with its extended range of diagnostic and clearing functions.