I’ve been in sales for 16 years, and on this day, I get to live a little bit faster. I’m getting into a good rhythm today. I haven’t had a bad day so far.

The thing that I love about the game is that it’s completely in-your-face and never takes a second to be completely successful. Not only do you have to be there for the game for a month or so, but you can also tell your story. It’s a great deal of the story.

That’s it. At least I like the story.

I remember when I first played the game. It was the day I was talking about it in a sales meeting. I said to the group, “I have a dream.” I said that I had never seen anything like it. I had a dream that I could make a game that would be as good as the movies and would be as good as the games that the movies were built on.

And I wasn’t kidding! And I wasn’t just talking about one game, either. I was talking about how I could make a game that would be as good as the movies, and then the next day I did it. And so on. I said if I did it, I would be living the dream. And I had a dream that I could live the life that I wanted to live. So, you know, there you go.

Yes, the first week sales are a long ways away, but the industry is certainly starting to think about marketing like this. This week, it was reported that live gaming streamer, Mike Tyson, was in fact “having a sale of his own” as he revealed his newly acquired game for the Playstation.

The first week sales are usually the best sales of the year, so this is obviously a good sign for the industry. But it’s interesting to note that he’s not just selling his game. He’s also selling a new game on sale too. Mike Tyson’s live stream is a great example of how the games industry is starting to think about marketing like this in an era of digital distribution.

My understanding is that it was almost a decade ago the same game was sold on PlayStation. Then there were those games released more than twice. Then there was the time it was sold on the Playstation and then the time it was sold on the PlayStation. Since then the industry has started to move further and further away from this new era.

I think that’s a problem because selling online games on consoles has always been pretty hit-or-miss. To get a sale you have to be on the platform where the game was released (and have a large enough user base to warrant it). It’s a little odd to see a game that’s been on consoles longer be a good fit for the digital distribution era.

I remember when I was in middle school or early high school, selling games on the Playstation was pretty tough because there were only a handful of publishers and almost no distribution. It didn’t help that the games were crap. The best game I have at the moment is a game called Feral Dreams (not kidding), and it’s a pretty good game. But it’s not a new game. It’s been out for a while and has a small user base.


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