Unless you are new to SEO, you have probably heard of the word ‘keyword’ and why it is important. A keyword is a word or phrase that you enter into a search engine to help explain what a certain website’s content is all about. SEO owners and website professionals use keywords to improve the contents of a website with the aim of ranking at the top and generating traffic.

The Importance Of Keywords

Keywords are important because they help your website show up when a person types them on Google or any other search engine. This improves traffic to your website. When you are developing a marketing strategy, there are certain keywords you will have to choose to target your audience. That means doing some research first, then coming up with a marketing strategy. One of the two ways you can rank at the top of Google is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How To Use Keywords For SEO

You use keywords by planning a marketing campaign that targets them. This is where SEO and content marketing come in. The simple way to do that is by ensuring your website content, that is, headings, texts, and categories are worded similarly to what your target audience types in their search engine. This way, your webpage will be able to reach customers that have used those keywords or phrases. Discussed below are some of the things you need to keep in mind when using keywords.

Use Keywords Naturally

While researching keywords, you will realize that there are certain words or phrases that are searched a lot. For instance, ‘vegan restaurant near me.’ However, it would be difficult to use such a keyword naturally because of how it is structured. In a blog where you are referring to the reader as ‘you,’ placing a statement like ‘looking for a vegan restaurant near me’ will look off. However, try not to force words in your blog. You can simply say ‘Top 5 Vegan restaurants in New York’. Your SEO strategy needs to be flawless. With an SEO audit by Vazoola, you can know whether you are targeting the right keywords and whether you need to make adjustments.

Learn How To Place Keywords

There are various places you can place your keywords when writing content. This includes the page title, alt tags, title tags, headers, and meta description. Your content will be much stronger when you have incorporated your keywords in those places.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

When you use a target keyword too many times in a piece of content, it becomes keyword stuffing. And while in the past it was a popular SEO strategy, today it falls among outdated SEO moves. To avoid this, use your keywords only once in every 200 words. Putting the same words twice or thrice in every 200 words is keyword stuffing. Sprinkle the word all over the article. You can also avoid overstuffing by using keywords that are related to your primary keywords but have different wording.

Choose Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords will do much better than solitary keywords because they focus on something specific. For instance, something like shoes will generate tons of results covering different topics about shoes. Plus, the word ‘shoes’ has a high search volume, which makes it hard to compete for a higher ranking. A long-tail keyword like ‘affordable female sports shoes’ will produce better results because it has a lower search volume, meaning even the competition for that phrase is low.

How To Choose Keywords

Here are a few pointers on how you can choose keywords that will help with your SEO strategy.

Think Of The Users

Ask yourself who your target audience is, what they are looking for and how you can provide. It may seem like a broad concept, but it helps to start there and narrow down as you go.


As you do keyword research, some of the keyword qualities you need to focus on include search volume, word count, competition, and intent. You need to create a list of the keywords you want to target, then ensure they have the mentioned qualities. You can also enter a few terms and see what will come up in the google search bar. This can give you great suggestions of what your users are targeting.

It is unfortunate that some people do not understand how keywords work and how they can influence their SEO marketing strategy. With the guide mentioned above, you now understand how to use them to your advantage to increase traffic to your page.


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