You have a party to host and you want to know who is going to be mixing up all the drinks for your guests. Well, it’s not time for you to run around yourself trying to figure out which bartenders are reliable enough. The internet can help you with that! Check out these two websites that can help you find the right bartender in your area.

 Is there a certain type of bartender that is best for my party?

A: That depends on the type of party you’re hosting. If you’re planning for a relaxing reception and don’t need any “professional” cocktail mixing or heavy-duty drink-making skills, then you can go with the “low maintenance” kind of hire a bartender that knows how to make all sorts of drinks along with their own signature cocktails. But if you need someone who can provide entertainment as well as refreshments, then try hiring an “entertainer”. Why? Because there are also more than just two types of bartenders available.

What type of bartender am I hiring? Why is it so important to always hire the right kind of bartender?

A: There are lots of different types:

Stand-Up Bartender: They’re a little bit expensive, but they’re definitely worth it. These are the ones that know how to make their own signature cocktails and experiment with unique drinks since their job is to entertain the guests and bring them the drinks they want at all times. When you hire a stand-up bartender, they can easily act as your personal bartender while you are at home. Bartender / Mixologist: This is the most popular kind of bartender that can be found in any party. They are easy going and will usually co-mingle with guests. If you want to throw a cocktail party, then hiring one as your bartender is a great idea since they’re experienced with different types of cocktails and know how to work a bar since they’ve been doing it for so long.

Bartender / Bartender Assistant: Since they’re usually the ones who are responsible for making the drinks, it’s a great idea to bring a bartender assistant since that person can replenish everything that has been used and will also clean up after everyone leaves.

Bartender / Waiter: This is a pretty new addition to the party scene. Hiring one as your waiter means that you can enjoy your guests even more because they can wait on your guests, keep them entertained, and make sure they have anything they need while at the same time maintaining their own sanity.

Bartender / Waitress: Another new addition to the party scene, a bartender waitress can be hired not only for holding the bar but also for making sure your guests are having a good time.

Waiters & Waitresses: Sometimes, hiring both hotel staff and waiters or waitresses is quite common. It’s usually done so if you want to make sure that everyone is being well-fed, depending on the size of your party. You’ll want employees who can also hold your party information from guests and be sure that every guest is having a good time. These people should at least be knowledgeable about ordering drinks and should know how to make cocktails since they will have to serve them.


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