After a lengthy process of applying to two different schools, I received my MBA. I’ve been in the industry for three years.

Ive been thinking a lot about the fact that Ive been in the industry for three years (Ive been a CPA for seven years) and this seems to be the first time Ive had a job that isnt the same as Ive known since Ive been in school.

Ive heard it all before. MBA programs are a huge time investment (at least in the US), even if you are a student you would need to go through a full year of classes. Because you are going to be working full time, you are going to have to find a full time job, which means that some of the traditional benefits of a degree in your field will be gone. In the US, the MBA degree is worth roughly $50,000 more than a BBA.

In the UK, the degree is worth approximately 50,000 more than the BBA. In the UK you are able to work part time and save on your degree, but still have the same benefits as a BBA student. Because you will be working full time and have to pay for all your classes, it is less important that you learn the material and work hard, but you do have to pay for the classes yourself.

In other words, people who have to pay full tuition to study at a university will likely be able to finish their degree in less time than people with a BA or BBA degree.

This is due in part to the fact that the BBA is a “bachelor of business administration,” while the MBA is a “bachelor of management,” and people with a BBA often end up working for companies while working part time as a student.

Also, many people with an MBA will likely also have a job in the business world, which allows them to take classes at a college without having to pay full price for them. I know this because I am currently looking for a job in the business world and I am currently in a class for part time classes.

So much for the fact that MBA-educated people are better educated than people who attended college straight through, eh? While I’m on the subject, many people with an MBA will also have a BA (with coursework after) in something else, and many people who graduated from college will have a Ph.D. in something else. In general, you should be able to get a job in any field, whether you attended college or not.

MBA’s are a bit different, in that they can be a bit more hands-on, and in that case, you will need a PhD to get a job. Also, MBA’s tend to focus more on quantitative skills, while Ph.D.’s tend to focus more on qualitative skills.

We’ve found that MBA degree holders are more likely to be in management positions, while Ph.D. holders are more likely to be in positions of higher authority. This is because the MBA is primarily a quantitative education, where the qualitative skills are more important. However, we have seen Ph.D. holders in management positions, and it is possible that they may also be pursuing a PhD in something else.


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