Cannabidiol (CBD) is not a universal compound. When a user takes the cannabinoid, there are no recommended daily dosages or one-size-fits-all approaches. The idea is to experiment or use the trial-and-error methodology with a small first dose graduating up until reaching a positive reaction.

That’s true with each delivery, including the tincture, and will be until research becomes more concrete and the FDA is able to develop a dosing scale for the compound. 

However, with the tincture, there is the suggestion to start with an even smaller dosage than most consumables since the concentration is more potent than most products.

Users will need less of the tincture to achieve the same benefit as higher doses of other deliveries. Still, it’s essential to let your body acclimate to the minimal initial amount before graduating to a higher dose so you can get to an accurate prime level. Let’s check out the steps for taking CBD tinctures most effectively.

How Can A User Effectively Take The CBD Oil Tincture

Cannabidiol is not currently regulated. There is no universal dosing for the compound and no recommended daily allowance. Users take the cannabinoid at their own risk using manufacturer and primary care physician guidelines along with trial-and-error experimentation.

There are many different delivery methods to choose from in the product lines, with one of the most popular being the CBD tincture, among the most potent and healthiest. Open here for facts on CBD tinctures.

The suggestion is to start with the most minimal dose with the consumable more so than any delivery due to the strength. Then it would be best if you graduated after your body has acclimated to the substance efficiently.

You’ll find varied potency levels and flavors with the tincture. The flavors mean to help mask the natural taste, which some find somewhat bitter and earthy, challenging to tolerate in some cases. The following steps will help guide you through the consumption of the tincture.

  • Selecting a flavor

If the tincture is your preferred CBD delivery, there are a few things you will need to consider before purchasing the product. You’ll need to decide if you want the natural taste, which will be designated as “unflavored,” or if you prefer a “flavored” option.

The tincture oil is an oral product, with the unflavored option being an acquired taste. The recommendation for newcomers to CBD and tinctures is to start with a flavor and gradually work into the natural taste.

  • Dosing will be based on trial-and-error

Figuring out the prime dose will take some experimentation. When buying a tincture, the manufacturer’s packaging will have a guideline to give you an idea of where your first dose should start. It’s also essential to consult with your primary care physician for dosing guidance. 

A recommendation is roughly 10 mg each day. Still, many variables play into that level, including body type, brand quality, brand type, the reason for taking the product, and on. 

  • Consuming a CBD tincture

If you’re new to the tincture, consumption is relatively straightforward by placing the drops under the tongue. The key to effectiveness is to not swallow the liquid immediately upon administration, however. 

The cannabinoid needs the chance to absorb directly into the bloodstream. That means being held sublingually for a period of a few seconds to a few minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. The dropper needs filling to the desired dosage. The droppers are measured for consistency of dosing. With tinctures, it’s possible to “tweak” doses where pre-measured forms of CBD don’t have that same capacity.
  2. Squeeze the drops in place under the tongue, but avoid swallowing the liquid.
  3. The oil should stay in place to tolerance. The longer you can hold the liquid sublingually, the faster the compound will make its way to the endocannabinoid system so it can begin its work.
  4. When through, you can swallow. What’s remaining will work its way to the digestive tract. You can attempt to work some of the remaining liquid around the gums and cheek area to absorb more before swallowing.

Because CBD is fat-soluble instead of water-soluble, the indication is to take it after consuming a meal. The nutrients available will more readily allow the body to absorb the compound.

  • Develop a consistent regimen

You’ll understand how the tincture is working for you and realize the effect more readily if your dosing is more consistent and the regimen is regular, perhaps on a daily routine in a single serving. 

Some people prefer to break their dose into two equal amounts taken individually throughout the course of the day. Again, trial-and-error will be the method to determine the ideal solution for your needs. 

The tincture won’t work the same for each person, so you won’t be able to follow cues from anyone around you. But it is important when you find something that works to mimic that each day. A body requires consistency.

Final Thought

While no one will find a recommended daily allowance for cannabidiol (CBD) or a universal dosing guideline, there will come the point after much experimentation with your chosen delivery method that you reach an effective, positive regimen. Find out the benefits of CBD at

It’s at that point that you journal what you’ve achieved so you can mimic that routinely. It’s essential to be consistent with dosages for the greatest efficiency with the CBD tincture.


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