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Why You Should Use Gemini Software

Using Gemini 2 on your Mac means reaping benefits that you might not have even considered. You will be able to use this application to promote the overall health of your computer while also taking advantage of the program in the following ways:

Control: While this application will do the heavy lifting for you, it will not get rid of anything and go ahead with processes unless directed by you. This means that you can create settings that allow for the exact amount of involvement that you would like to have in the overall process. The most common option is to have the program set to find duplicates and then for you to review them before they are deleted forever.

Efficient: Gemini software is much more efficient than you could ever be as a user that goes through each file. There are too many files and too many different locations to consider and compare for the manual process to even compare to the abilities of Gemini for your Mac.  You will never have duplicates hidden in the depths of your computer when you use this app.

Save Time: Using this duplicate file finder on your Mac will save you hours. Not only is the application more efficient in seeking out the duplicates but it is also incredibly fast so you can have all of the duplicates eliminated in a matter of minutes rather than a matter of hours.

Get The Most Out of Gemini 2

Having Gemini on Mac means that you will not have to carry out any of the lengthy manual processes that would be required for you to complete the same duplicate finding tasks.

As duplicates most commonly plague media files with different folders and playlists being created, it is essential to find duplicates in iPhoto and iTunes on a regular basis.

To find and delete duplicates in iTunes manually, you would have to complete the following steps:

  1. Open iTunes,
  2. Click: View at the top of the screen,
  3. Select: Show Duplicate Items,
  4. This will bring you to the list of exact duplicates side by side,
  5. You can select the duplicates you would like to delete.

The issue with this process is that it takes up a lot of time and effort. It is also not the most efficient way to see if you have the same files. While this does bring up the music files with the same song name, artist and album, it does not bring up the same song being performed in an acoustic version by the same artist.

One of the best things about using the Gemini 2 app is that it doesn’t just find exact copies, but it also seeks out similar files too. This is especially effective when using the photo duplicate finder feature. When you have taken 20 images of the same tree at slightly different angles, then the app will alert you of the similarities of the images and let you decide how to proceed.

How the Duplicate File Finder for Mac Works

A smart application that will scan your entire disk with incredible speed. In this process, the application goes through all of the files, no matter how many there are. Once the duplicates have been found they will be presented to you on the app and you will either be able to go through them yourself or trust the app’s Smart Select feature that will make the appropriate selections for you.

This is obviously a very simplified version of how the app really does work. In order to find duplicate files on Mac, this app uses a learning algorithm and 10 different criteria to seek out similar files. With this information, the app is able to learn in the Smart Select system which files you would choose to get rid of and which you would be most likely to keep. This means that the entire process becomes more efficient the more that you use it.