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It’s hard to keep your relationship ‘healthy and happy’ when the person you are dating is not in the same physical state as you. In this book, we will explore different tips and techniques for helping you in dealing with being ‘messed up’, especially when it comes to intimacy and sexual matters.

this issue is about my relationship. I will share many things that I think you need to know about the relationship I have with my husband. i would like you to listen, enjoy this and then you have the ability to talk to him and explain to him why you are doing this. I also want to give you some tips for your future with your husband which you can use in the future so that you can have a healthy relationship.

A successful marriage means a healthy marriage. When people talk about a happy marriage, they usually mean that they are happy and having fun, just like in a holiday romance movie, it is all about having fun and making it a regular thing.


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