Hello! My name is Dax, and I’m your host on The Daily Buzz. You may call me Shanda, which is short for “Shaanda,” meaning “Shopping.” To be honest, I am addicted to shopping and would love to share my personal shopping experience and thoughts with you. I am going to talk about: 1. A new product, a new concept, and how it applies to what we’ve seen today. 2.

Welcome to TheDailyBuzz! Let me tell you a bit about myself, my career, and goals in life. I started my career in fashion in 1999, and as you can see, im not at all what Im made out to be. Ive been working for over 4 years for a fashion apparel company called G-Tech Fashion in Los Angeles, CA.

Hello my friends! I’m not looking for anyone’s love or commitment. If you want to date me, then go for it. I’m here for you, for me. If you are not looking for love, you should leave. I know Im a romantic at heart and not to be the object of anyone’s attention, if you’re just a few doors down, that’s fine. This is not for me.

I would really like to thank everyone for being such a great bunch of people.

Why you might not want to do weight training Old blog: Hey hey! My name is Chris and I want to do some weight training today! I have been getting so sick of doing this for the past 12 year or so, I really want to get back to it.

Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you. Old blog: Hi everybody My name is Dax and I’m a fitness professional who loves to help others with their personal fitness goals. I have over ten years experience working with many different styles of fitness including HIIT, weight training, strength training, etc. I also have over five years experience as a fitness instructor at both a private studio and a local public school.

The secret to your fitness I know that we have had some interesting situations in the past. You dont have to be a part of them. Take your time and do what you learned that you liked. Old blog: We want to hear from you The secret to your fitness I understand that not everyone wants to hear that from you but I know what you said is your truth. If you really feel as though you need to say this, then you should do it.

I get on your nerves in so many ways. Like my best friend, I get on your nerves because I dont know what to do with myself.


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