There’s a difference between a jury and a jury duty. Not everybody has the same amount of vacation time or the same amount of sick leave, but you don’t have the same amount of time waiting out in the hallway for the jury to be seated. When you’re sitting in a small, dark courtroom in the middle of nowhere, everything slows down. What’s more is that it can feel like your whole life is in one big waiting game.

So long as it is done correctly, the jury duty act is not only a fantastic law-enforcement tool, but provides you with hours of entertainment and exercise that your spouse would never offer. If youve made it through the day on your own, let your spouse know you want to go find an activity that will be fun and exercise you. If youve got a great idea for an activity, let them know you want us to tell you what it is.

Here s a very simple, but very effective, way to prepare for jury duty. While most juries consist of people with some type of criminal or civil conviction, sometimes a person who merely has had an arrest or court case may do very well on the jury. Be willing to learn as much or as little as the case warrants. I was amazed to find out that some members of the public were still going through a jury trial because someone they could easily identify had not even been arrested.


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