i do lyrics, have you heard the song “Deeper and deeper” by Eminem in your car or at the mall? Well, i do lyrics at home. i do lyrics at home, but instead of just reading the lyrics, it’s a combination of my own voice and voice of the lyrics with another person to help interpret it. for example, i have a melody in my earphone that sounds like “I love you, me, i, me, i love you.

a great way to create original songs is to use recordings with voice over artists. I use my phone to record my songs and it sounds great! Include your music in a few articles if you think its really cool ### # I have always had a passion for singing and in recent years my voice is gaining on its own and I am sure it will soon be my life long passion.

If you want to get better at singing you need to spend some time with the voice and the sounds. Listen to how someone sings and immerse yourself emotionally and physically in it. Use as much as you can for practice and be creative. If you can’t find a voice talent then have fun with your singing and try it on for size. You’ll have lots of fun singing songs and hopefully your voice will be improved by it.

If you want to make a career out of singing and your voice, be sure to use those techniques that will benefit your voice. This will improve the tone and range of your voice even more.


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