the universe would like to know, right? It is time for a vacation. So it would be great if we could send out a space probe, but would we dare? What if an alien discovered us?. All we need is a tiny bit of knowledge. Here’s one thing no person on Earth could understand. It’s something like this: there is a hole in the universe?. There are billions of stars spread across a vast network of black holes.

Space is filled with black holes. There is a tiny bit of information that nobody on earth could understand. The black holes that surround our planet emit gravitational waves that we can detect with some fancy technology.

it takes a moment to realize, We are bombarded by data like nothing you have ever experienced before. For example, when you close your eyes and open them again, you might not have noticed but what you are seeing is happening, every second since that moment. The mass of the universe is bigger than the sum of all the stars, planets, asteroids and all the tiny dark black holes that might even exist in the corner of a galaxy.

We can talk about the future of the universe. At this point, let it suffice to say that although there are lots of holes in the universe, there is a big one that goes to infinity. If the universe was to explode, there is a one in a billion chance that you would go to infinity. But with time, when the sun explodes and the black holes that surround the galaxy explode so will the universe. It is all around us.

So now that we have a lot of time and we are bombarded with information, the challenge is to absorb it, to process it, and then to make a decision. It’s a strange process to me and I often find it hard to make decisions. The thing is though, if you aren’t careful you could be putting yourself in a difficult situation. If you are making a choice that could have a negative outcome you want to avoid it.


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