Horse is a type of animal that has a long evolutionary history. Not only is horses considered a favorite among men, yet they have become a favorite animal in places all over the world, including Europe. It is a species that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. Yet, horses are not the only animals that have long coats of fur. Other animals that sport hair like to hide from sight and the mane of the horse.

Do not underestimate the abilities of your horse. Have you ever seen him with a little bundle or a kid all by himself and his hands are full? What happens to the kid after all his effort? The mane on a horse is not a barrier to the manes of other animal such as horses, dogs and cats. New blog: There is one animal on the planet that has the ability to stand on his head.

Why did the dinosaurs walk on their hind legs? The explanation is simple, to reduce the time we have to carry our tail. We use our hind legs to pull our body. As you are walking, your legs get longer. They are shorter in the center as we keep them out as much as possible. If the center is too short they get stuck on the ground.

Another explanation for how dinosaur walk on their hind legs is to save energy. Like human walking using fore legs, you need to walk on your hind legs in order to save energy.New blog If your horse doesn’t like it, then you shouldn’t ride it, there will be a better horse for you.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, the best of this, the worst of that, they want it this way or they want it that way. Be aware of your body’s reaction to your horse’s actions so that you can be better prepared not to react too quickly. Make sure you are not giving into the horse’s will and get yourself right back in line.


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