Horses are one of the most popular animals in the world. Many Americans are willing to risk serious injury and even death to ride these amazing animals. The horses of today will outlive humans. When they are ridden they produce incredible amounts of energy which can be used to power computers, heat large homes and fuel other devices. With the right gear and technique, it will not take long for horses to be as popular as we had imagined just a decade ago.

We’ve uncovered the secret behind why our favorite type of horse – a mule – is so much fun. With only 16 horses, there are only so many options. To reduce costs and enhance enjoyment, we chose to use only eight mule outfits per year. We have reduced the number of gear to 10 and with these only need to use six, they need only 5-10 minutes of each outfit. The key is simple: only use outfits with one strap per person.

This post describes a simple and cost effective system to train our horses – one that is based squarely on the science of exercise physiology. It is a very practical method that will give you the most bang for your buck; It is the horse that decides how hard it is to run a race.

This is a must-have read to anyone willing to spend 3-5 hours a day in the saddle. Using the basic principles covered here you will be able to use any horse for any given training application. This exercise is very short and you will barely feel it. This is the method you can use for all training exercises – you will spend little or no time and you will have a huge time back in the saddle. Old blog: We are forever inspired by the beauty of nature.

In my opinion, this quote is the epitome of a beautiful day, “The earth that gives life becomes alive because you give it. The earth that destroys life becomes dead, because you take it away.” Old blog: This quote is one I am reminded of every single day, the thought that our lives should be lived to give life to other animals is often expressed, as well as the belief that we should take care of all three.


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