yes, hindus do drink (sometimes a bit much :P) alcohol, and if you ask me, it isn’t bad (to be honest) to drink a bit of alcohol for medicinal purposes but this is a very expensive practice. The best and most affordable treatment for alcoholism is to consume a minimum of four to six ounces of liquid every 24 hours.

if this was a true treatment it could be cheaper, effective, and easier for patients then the current system of prescription alcohol medication. With the current system, a patient has to go to and wait in the pharmacy line which is a very long and stressful process for the patient and has a long waiting list.

the key to a good relationship is what not to say to each other. For the good part of us to live our true spirit we need to hear and respect each other’s feelings, ideas and wishes. This is the best way of us becoming closer, more accepting, kind and loving. In order to become a healthy adult you need to live your authentic life. You do not exist in a box that is made of formulae.

It is important to have your own opinions. To have independent and healthy conversation you need to have room to hear each others, to get your unique viewpoint. In my opinion, an individual that really listens to the feelings of others is more than capable of having his or her own way in life more than anything else. All you need is the willingness to do that.


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