do hamsters smell? is known for being adorable! Well this isn’t your average hamster (at least on this side of the pond) but a hamster that has found a way to stay in the limelight. You must love hamster news for not having seen a rodent that’s like a miniature version of you in any other respect. The little critters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The halo of celebrity has helped hamsters thrive in an international way. To promote the breed in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. And now it has its own show “The Great Hamster Race”, produced by BBC Television. The program, first broadcast in Australia in 1990, is still held every year over a three week period.

do hamsters smell is a really good introduction into the hamster world. As a hamster lover, it’s easy to see this adorable little fellow’s positive personality and the dedication that this species has to surviving in spite of its environment. In fact, when I first started using the phrase in an interview, one interviewer remarked on being surrounded by cute little little creatures that make you want to crawl inside their mouths for a moment.

It is not difficult to see where the ‘cuteness’ comes from although I am afraid to say that it is not as cute as how I see myself. I have heard that many people see themselves as cute because their parents have a great-looking spouse, parents are good at making cute creatures out of all the animals in the household, cute friends are cute, cute pets are cute, cute clothes that fit are cute, cute tattoos are cute, etc.

I think I speak for all the writers when I say this: I feel much more comfortable writing about things than about people or experiences at this point. I have written about this issue before. I know this is due to the fact that the topics I discuss are my core beliefs in life. So much so that I could be accused of religious fanaticism. I know some have accused me of being an ideologue.


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