You may not actually be cute. But if you ask enough of your friends, they are sure to let you know you’re sexy. That’s because men and women feel most comfortable talking to people whose brains are programmed so they can make you laugh or cry. What’s more, they seem to believe men and women are so different that you need to be treated accordingly. And they also look at the idea of being treated that way more seriously than other people.

Here’s where our thoughts may differ, but its not necessarily because we’re different from other people. In fact, we tend to think with similar thoughts as well and this makes us more compatible and therefore, leads to a stronger love relationship.

You will learn all about how to use humor when youre in a relationship. In addition to being a tool of communication, humor also encourages you in all the right ways to improve your relationship. Use humor in some positive and positive ways that will help you become a more successful and confident friend. This website is the best place to start.


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