Do people cuddle with just friends? Well, at the beginning of 2014, we introduced a new social network called “Cuddle Cup”. This platform facilitates for two people to get together for a meaningful camaraderie that is fun, relaxing, and even safe. To ensure this safety, only members who are 18 years old are authorized. On the platform, each user is given two unique IDs and can create their own group.

The only place in the world where people cuddle together. Cuddle will be an instant sensation of comfort and intimacy in 2013, and will make a lot of people happy.

What is “the one”? This really depends on our perspective of “the”. If the one is more about how many people in a relationship are connected (you know, you can always be a little bit of a jerk, but you don’t need to be that close together all the time) then I think some of us are going a bit nuts to a ‘fascism’ approach.

The point is all about being clear and clear headed about being close and having fun. How many people you can get to get together without having to work too hard? You should always be able to have fun and get to know that person in his/her world.

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The ‘New’ is that the old blog was not updated to the new year. Also, the theme is changed to be a bit more ‘mature’. So, let me try to explain our new style a little bit further.The original blog was designed to be a lifestyle blog that would cover a wide range of topics. It was basically a look into how men and women interact and talk online.


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