If you are human, you are also a guppy. Guppies are small finned fish that eat everything in sight. They can travel far to find food, but they do so reluctantly. We’re always told to always leave guppies out when we’re eating to avoid them from cannibalism. If guppys are so smart, the question is how would we do that? The answer lies in the newest breakthrough research to date, guppy evolution.

Guppy evolution is a new approach to eating your babies. These fish are no longer left out to starve away the remains of the family’s dead members. The researchers have developed a treatment that will repopulate these finned fish with the same genes that are missing in the individuals who are no longer with us. Now researchers will find they can take guppies from their original environment and into the new environment to be found, with little or no damage.

What is human DNA? It’s a type of DNA that can be used by people regardless of gender. In science, DNA stands for our ‘ancient biological inheritance’. When DNA is passed from parents to a child or their descendants, the cell produces a single strand of coding DNA. This is called the ‘genotype’ because the DNA code must be present somewhere at the time of conception.

The guppy is so smart because guppies are very adaptable. There is no law against leaving out guppies from your dinner of choice. Instead, the next time you eat guppies the same as any other meal, let’s go with the new guppies.

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