No one knows when a guinea pig will wake up, but when they do they should be up and about. In this case, you only need to look at the eyes of your guinea pigs to know that they’re usually up looking at some sort of activity.

You may be very excited about opening your guinea pig to sunlight, but you likely won’t want to sleep with your eyes open for very much longer.

A common occurrence in guinea pigs that may be a bit scary, but its probably not something you want to experience in your relationship. Guinea pigs don’t sleep with their eyes open, so that doesn’t mean they do. Be aware of their “munching” tendencies as well as their constant need for food, but you may not need to start worrying about it.In this case, the solution is to provide your guinea pig with the proper environment to sleep comfortably.

Being able to sleep when you want, and knowing that you can sleep peacefully without their eyes open, is more than you may expect. When you spend time with your guinea pigs, you become the animal. You will learn that you are not just a bunch of cells, but an incredibly complex organism that takes a long time to completely recognize you.

If your partner doesnt feel the need to change your sleep routine, but still needs a change in order to function, a quick and easy fix can help to keep his or her attention focused on issues and prevent the occasional lapse. It works best if your partner is very responsive to your attempts and responds.


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