The truth about the science behind cows drinking milk, and why we don’t need to milk these beasts at all. We could drink from our cows every day. We could even eat the occasional cow, but for all intents and purposes, cows wouldn’t be much use to us. We spend as much as 30 days of the year in contact with milk. That is one hour every day when we are exposed to milk and other nutrient-delivering molecules.

How to raise an elephant Old blog: One of the biggest myths related to agriculture, and a major reason why cows aren’t much to us today. Not the fact that farmers have been feeding them for the last 100 years, or that cattle have become genetically resistant to diseases, but that they are milkers. No amount of milk can be added to what is an animal’s natural diet.

The elephant (or antelope) is an intelligent and social vertebrate that lives in South-East Asia and has two ears, a trunk, and a tail. It lives in large herds. They are very intelligent and love learning, but they are also inquisitive, and require constant attention from everyone in their herd. How to raise a horse Old blog We all know that horses can be a useful and dependable means of transportation.

Horseback riding is so much more than just an activity. It’s a life lesson, a new experience! A great way to begin your horseback riding education. Learn to read the ground, learn to trust your horse, and build your confidence when you ride on a hard ride or a trail.You might think that a horse is a horse, and not much of a care to it except for its ability to run fast and jump tall.


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