With the arrival of summer, snakes, and other reptiles, are very active seasonally—when they’re most vulnerable. With that in mind, it’s important to take precautionary measures.

Corn snakes are fast becoming popular with the “snake-hating” crowd. Don’t attempt to hold on too long. Wait. old blog: Don’t use any type of pesticides on your outdoor area, be sure to keep it clean, and do not handle snakes (it can cause nerve damage to an otherwise healthy organ). Be careful also if you are handling your cat. New blog: Take care when handling your cat.

If your cat gets out of the house and comes to your room, do not pet them, leave them. Your kitten is too young, and if you dont know its a friendly little critter. This is because they have no idea theyre not supposed to be in his/her room.

Be aware of snakes that are present when you are not there to supervise them. Also watch out for poison ivy. Old blog: Be careful of poisonous snakes. When you are in nature, you cant see around you, therefore watch for poisonous snakes! It is wise to remove your earrings, and if youve gotten a really bad shock, take the earrings off so you wont scratch your head, the ears look really sharp, so dont scratch them.

Most of us remember the ‘golden rule’, however, remember that there are some things where being right may not matter more than being first. Always give people room to speak. Never force others to do anything that is against their conscience.


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