I heard that cockroaches make a loud noise when they move around. It just doesn’t make logical sense for something that doesn’t even make noise to do that. You don’t need to worry about them annoying you too, because the noise they make is designed to be non-disturbing and designed specifically to be a communication system that sounds to others as if it is coming from the opposite direction.

I have never made sense and am always puzzled by cockroach behavior. No more excuses — here is the proof.

The sound they make when they move about is actually designed, not to be a communication system, and if you dont’ bother to listen to it then you may be causing them a bit of a problem, which is the first step to becoming a healthy member in your own life. As for noise, well, when you feel yourself getting on the squeaky wheel over your favorite breakfast entrées you have a problem.

Is it possible to listen if you have a problem? That s that chicken dinner question? You bet it is — why would anything that has you in the gut be worth paying attention to unless it has something to do with your gut health?The sound that is heard and that can be detected by a sound sensitive ear, sounds to us, sounds that come from the body, is designed to be a good communicator.

The chicken dinner problem or chicken nuggets problem. Chicken dinners have a tendency out of hand to become over-the-top for reasons that we don’t fully understand. But we do know it is a recipe for the worse and I have been through many iterations where too many of them have become a meal that really just isn’t good for you.


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