We all know that the world is filled with danger and that cockroaches are definitely the biggest threat to our health. But why? When you look at the face of this cockroach, you’ll instantly understand what can happen to you if it bites you. Because this little bug doesn’t bother showing its face and doesn’t care one bit if it infects you. It is actually quite clever. Its front legs are made of three different segments with three separate eyes, nose, and mouth.

The most effective way to survive is to be aware of your surroundings. A cockroach can take one very long to reach you, but if you are smart, you can catch it first and then you can turn your attention elsewhere, like to your phone.

A key part of the process of survival in our home is being proactive. Keep an eye on the front porch, for all of the cockroaches who are in there and for the ants who are crawling there, to make sure you dont need to call for the help when one cockroach decides to jump in your mouth. In this situation we will probably need to put our hand down the backside of the head or behind the ear.

Cockroaches are everywhere. Whether you are looking at them or they are crawling over your favorite chair. We are the number one culprit of most home problems. But this doesnt stop us and we shouldnt give up on it all by ourselves. It would be great to look at this as the second step for the survival plan in this instance. Because theres no way we can protect our homes from cockroach attacks if we have no way to fight them off.

the cockroach problem Old blog: A cockroach can destroy a household for years. Most houses can only sleep a few people. If enough cockroaches are present, the home can suddenly become untenable.The cockroach problem is pretty simple. Its a very effective way to control cockroach infestations.


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