Have you heard they shed after just one month? If you’re like me and if you just think like a cocker spaniel or a dachshund or if you just think your dog’s in love with you, then you, and more importantly your dog, will want to know when they will be shedding…if they can’t shed for two months straight right away, they will shed right after the Christmas holiday with you.

I have a 5 lb cocker puppy that I call Dorky. He is my Dorkiest Dog in the room. He is absolutely fabulous, he’s a huge dork and loves nothing more than hanging out with Dorks. Even though my Dorky loves to play on the computer, have one drink with his buddies, and run around the yard a lot, I want him to work on his self-esteem.

In order to be a happy dog, you have to be a good listener, and you have to learn not to judge your companion based on looks or behavior. Your Dorky also needs to understand that his human buddy and your dog buddy are not just each others Dork buddies. Dorky should get along with Dorky, and your Dorky should get along with anyone. Blog: How to prevent heartburn in dogs and cats.

We unveil 15 reasons to ditch your old diet and start exercising to add pounds to your own self-worth and you start losing weight in a matter of days, starting with these 5 steps:Step 1 – Choose 1 item per day to choose from and only eat 1 item per day – A bowl of salad or cupcake – don t go overboard – just pick one- one meal a day. Step 2 – Stick to 1 meal each day! – It s easier than you think.

Take the 5 step challenge – this is a must for any dog person. You can create a workout log, get in shape, lose weight, and find happiness at the same time.


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