The cockatoo bird and the cockatiel cohabitate for life, but they’re fiercely different. The cockatoo can easily swallow your arm from shoulder to neck, but the cockatiel will bite and claw your hair.

While the cockatoo is an insectivore that hunts for insects on a diet of termites, the cockatiel can also eat your food and spit it right back at you.

I am not a big fan of cockatiels and have not found any of their behaviors and characteristics that are actually positive; however, the cockatiel sheds its skin. You lose your own and the feathers you grew as a baby, and the only thing you gain is the feathers of the cockatiel.

One of the first bird-like mammals to appear in the fossil record, the cockatiel has been on the Island of Melanesia, now known as New Guinea, since 66 million years ago. In the early days of a new species, its ancestors lived in burrows with a watery habitat and at night, they fed on insects and other small vertebrates that hunted them for food and shelter.

The cockatiel has recently undergone a large transformation in a wide variety of aspects. It seems that the cockatiel has lost the ability to feel pain.The ability to speak was lost as well, in the animal’s last major development, its eyes turned blood red. But this newfound happiness may be of great value to them in a world full of pain and suffering — the cockatiel are well trained at surviving.


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