The goal of this food- and recipe-focused series is to help busy cooks become more aware of meal prep and meal planning. Through the use of interactive tools, such as the free iChowChow app, and the free iCook app, cooks and food enthusiasts may learn about meals that are healthier, fresher and even more appealing to customers who prefer convenience while making meals at home.

It’s time to do this, we all know: to cook and eat. A lot of us just like to do it in the kitchen, but we’re often unsure or unwilling to get out there and actually cook or work real hard on our own. The first step in becoming a better cook is to get out there and make real food.

This series will focus on some ways to bring more nutrition and flavor to the table, including the benefits of healthy recipes. You and your family will be cooking meals from scratch and eating healthy. You will then be able to appreciate the difference.

You know you cannot go out to lunch without checking your mobile screen first thing in the morning. Or you know you can never get a quick and delicious snack without some planning. This series will teach you how to get out of that rut and plan what to have for the day and what to cook for dinner. This gives you the ability to have a well-rounded lunch and dinner that includes both your main meals and a variety of side dishes.

Our next series focuses on planning lunch and dinner during the week and on planning meals at home in the evening. There is a lot we know and a lot of things we do not know about planning meals at home on busy weeknights. The series will introduce food-based meal planning, how to prepare meals at home using the various tools you have at your disposal, and will get you cooking some fresh meals for your family to enjoy at home. New blog: Cooking for the family.


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