Do chinchillas smell? Well, this might not be the case for every chinchilla that lives in a household, but for the average resident of the island of Chiapas, Mexico, all chinchillas do smell like their human counterparts. There are so many places where chinchillas live, such as rural villages where villagers have little else to do besides tending to their chinchillas.

These sweet, innocent animals also have the ability to smell quite a bit. We need to know that they also eat, but are not the primary food items for these primates. In fact, each chinchilla is actually eating about 40% of this animal’s body weight every day. This means that in a 12-hour day of being chinchillas the average chinchilla weighs about 4 pounds.

This is a post not about chinchillas. My intention with this blog post is to reveal the secrets of the chinchilla, but also help you make sure that you and your chinchillas are healthy, happy, and prosperous. It is important that we take a fresh look at chinchilla health in this blog, starting with how to care for the chinchilla.

To say that chinchillas are the best pets on the planet is a statement that is both true and untrue at the same time. The truth of the matter is that to be healthy, you must be healthy. I am going to share 7 natural remedies that you can use to stay healthy (not to mention that chinchillas just grow like flowers and the world is just too big for them to eat and just not to bite anyone and they could be just fine without our help).


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