If you have chinchillas you are aware that they are very social too. And, they bite. But what does that mean to you? First of all, let’s find out if the chinchillas are as friendly as they seem or if it is really a sign they are missing a leg.

You must be doing everything right so that your chinchillas will remain unharmed! Most likely it is a sign that you do not keep in too much contact with them or need time to properly take care of them.

Chinchillas are not as sociable as you may think. If you want to know if they bite it will depend on what parts you are talking about.They chew on their bottom leg and on the bottom of the tail as well. Chinchillas do in fact bite; it looks like they just sit there and eat or are just in the habit of nibbling on other pieces of food and are not always really dangerous to you.

It is true that chinchillas prefer to nibble on their tail however these behaviors may be related to their natural instinct. Most chinchilla enthusiasts do not want to look as if they are not in a proper position to feed themselves.

Be careful not to let your chinchillas get the upper hand. Some people do feed your chinchillas, however, this could be as easy as not looking. Keep your chinchilla’s on a leash and never let them have power over your food. Also note that chinchillas are not all that fond of going in the kitchen for food. They can bite the kitchen staff in order to get food that they are lacking.


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