Chia seeds are best known for containing a single nutrient and are very high in protein content. The plant also contains important calcium.

Chia seeds are used for thousands of conditions. You do not have to look very hard or very long for their healing properties. Chia seeds actually have natural antibiotics.

When you use chia seeds on your skin and in the soil, you may find yourself coming into contact with more than one person for the first time. Even more importantly, chia seeds are one of the few naturally antibacterial plant based nutrients. They are also phytonutrients which play a significant role in preventing disease. Even more important than that is the fact that their very presence can actually make you more comfortable.

Chia seeds are found all over the place. They’re available at health food stores, natural food stores, and specialty food stores, and they’re used in many other dishes in the world. You just never know where your next dinner will turn up after you’ve used that Chia seed (which actually has a number of purposes which may interest you).In the meantime, I can recommend a recipe you might want to try.


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