We all know cats watch tv and love to hang out with the people on TV, we even see them trying to interact with our families. That’s why we created a game to watch TV like a cat, with the goal of turning our family’s lives around. The cat that lives in your living room is one of the seven characters. Cats are playful, energetic, and even friendly. They’ll bring a smile to your face whenever they get your attention.

We created this game to create a safe experience where people can just enjoy time with their families while making the television shows they love even more enjoyable. Do you think that cat like entertainment or a person who loves to watch tv? No way! We wanted to make sure that the content was great and it was entertaining. Also, we wanted to create a game that was non-judgmental. We didn’t create or think of this game just for the cat.

As we all know there are multiple options when it comes to entertainment, but what about games for the whole family? Well we created a game that can bring a whole bunch of people together and create a completely hilarious experience. This game lets people interact as a family on their screen. To create the game, you can download any app and play with friends through the game, or you can go online.

The new, improved, more entertaining home-centered game app.This game comes with lots of great features: A fun new design. The ability to use your phone to control games.The ability to view photos that let you control the gameplay.

Are you tired of the same old story? Do you feel like you need a new set of directions? If so, you need to get your game on and see where your head is at. Weve created the most unique game to help you with all of your ideas You can use your phone to control your own game You have the power to turn the tables on the person sitting next to you. A fun new design.


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