Cats will sleep with their eyes open, but they will not open their eyes if the light is not sufficient. If you are having trouble with your cat sleeping, it is not a problem, because Smart Silly Tails (SST) is a cat sleeping robot, which will make your cat comfortable. You will be able to control the movement of the robot by speaking commands to your cat. Your cat would automatically feel relieved by the movement.

Most cats can only be activated by a powerful beam of light. A dog is a great cat owner, and the dog you choose for your cat is going to determine your cat’s mood all evening long. The only way a dog will have an instant and effective way to get your cat’s attention is by stimulating your cat’s hypothalamus. Your cat may not be interested in the sound of your dog, but a stroking will only get his attention.

You may not be having trouble sleeping with your cat, but you might wonder where your cat spends his time. If you can locate your cat, you might see him in the kitchen or on the floor. Your cat may simply be watching TV or surfing the internet. Whatever your cat sees, you will be able to use the command system of Smart Silly Tails SST.

To be more specific, Smart Silly Tails SST is a cat sleeping robot that you can program in your Smart Phone, and that you can control with your fingers, as in the photo below.

Smart Silly Tails SST has a range of commands that will make your cat comfortable. It is a cat robot that will only make your cats eyes open if the signal reaches the hypothalamus.

Your cat will like your scent, and may not like your voice because cats do not have vocal chords. You have an opportunity here to be an important person in your cats life. There have been two famous pets, Tom and Jerry, who have a bad reputation in the city for a very simple but very important reason.


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