The first thing you should always look for when looking for a pet is the type of bone that a pet has. The types vary, but most will have at least one knee joint. To do so, it is best to use a bone density test on your pet when deciding whether or not to keep them around.

One question you need to answer is: “Is your cat looking up the stairs or downstairs?” If your cat is jumping down the stairs and you are not around to catch her, then you really do not have a question to ask the veterinarian. A knee bone may come with a joint (lateral, medial or both), but most can be classified in at least one of these four main categories: cartilage, fat, bone or connective tissue.

The best advice for a pet owner is to be honest with your vet. As the world’s most famous pet-doctor, Joseph Leuba, says, “A medical error is a medical tragedy, nothing less.

As much as our animal world is full of myths, there are some facts and truths to be learned from cats and dogs. When trying to figure out what kind of food you should feed your four-legged friend, always ask if they have any allergies or intolerances.


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