I had two cats that were a pain in the neck when it came to the grooming. The first one was named Luna and was a cute little black kitten. One summer when I was little she started chewing into my scalp, causing me all of two years to have a black eye from it. I didn’t want a black eye in a cat eye so I took her to a local veterinarian who called in a vet to take a look at the problem.

She was still chewing into my hair but the vet was able to remove the whole thing from my head.

As I became a parent, I started to see signs that my pets had issues. I had no idea they had this thing called eyebrows. As a child I had a black and grey cat named Toodles. I bought him a pair of scissors out of nothing but pure laziness. One day a few weeks ago, I realized a cat had grown an interesting look to which he was allergic. I called our vet and he brought me a pair of scissors to trim the eyebrows.


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