My name is Tim Jax, and I am a Canadian who enjoys burping at least three times per day. I have always loved my cat Burp because it helps regulate my bladder, making it smaller and lighter during the night. But burping at my own frequency isn’t always a comfortable experience.

With Burp you can experience three stages of burping- A gentle, rhythmic burp that is followed by the sharp, spasmodic burp that occurs between every two seconds. Once you get comfortable with a new burp technique like Burp, that means you don’t have to switch over to the old burp routine, instead you can switch between both techniques without the worry of being uncomfortable when doing burps at your own frequency.

This is where burping comes to life. We will be exploring new burping techniques and introducing some new tools that will bring the burp experience closer to the way I experience Burp. To start, you should practice before you go to a burping class. You can pick one of the new burping tools we will be offering in the class. The class will take place in the afternoon, so try to have lunch around 5:00 pm.

We will have two ways of coming to the class- One is a self-instructional method, followed by the self-assessment that will result in a score for the individual self-instructionals. The second way to come will be via the internet. We will have an email address on our website where if you subscribe to this new forum, you will receive an email that will allow you to participate in the class by taking and scoring the self-instructional.


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