Some things, like catfish whiskers or catfish sting, can be a bit painful? This catfish has a very long tongue that can be quite sharp. The best thing is that I can feel a small cut when the catfish starts to swipe its tongue at me but I can also use my finger to pull it off.

As you have likely guessed from earlier blogs, whiskers in other words, and catfish stings, can be painful but the long tongue can be very useful if you come into contact with it first.

In my experience there is no one else in the same boat. Some time when you are feeling down, especially if your partner is acting out, it can be hard but just try to talk to your partner and give him or her a break. Take a breath. You may only need a little something but it can make a huge difference to the outcome of any situation. The key is, of course, to try.

When doing things you don’t want to do, there is an excellent way to avoid them. It’s called sticking to a plan. In a nutshell, the idea is to have a ‘go-to’ time slot (where you will be busy) and have an alternative ‘next-try’ time slot, where the plan won’t always be followed.


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