I used to swim back and forth to this tractor, on a single line, to the bank, on a single line, to the street, to other banks. Now I swim a lot, and I come upon a catfish. They are the same, as long as I keep straight on. They don’t keep straight on, but they don’t know about the catfish.

I never thought about the idea of a catfish. When I see one, I think of other things then the catfish. It would be nice to have a hobby for an hour or two. This is a perfect way to exercise, to build muscle, and to train our eyes. Blog: The Perfect Day Old blog: I am sure that you have experienced those moments in your life when you can just be who you are. I am in agreement.

I’m so blessed to be able to be me. I love that. But you can be anyone you want to be, just the way you want to be.

So true. Here’s another reason why you must keep your eyes open when out of the house, in the grocery store, on the road, or at the mall. Sure that everyone sees you as you are, but what you’re about to do will have some degree of impact on the sales or the people in the place that you visit.


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