The catfish scales are one of the easiest to find and most distinctive parts of a fish. It can often appear completely smooth in appearance when a fish is cleaned. The scales are usually only visible when a fish is young and healthy because they grow with the fish, allowing the scales to be readily apparent within the fillet. Once the scales are formed, they can easily go unnoticed. It is common for anglers and other hobbyists to find catfish scales throughout our fisheries.

Catfish scales can vary in color, but they can also be hard to tell apart from other fish. It is important to know the color and texture of the scales to make sure you are not unknowingly hooking yourself by a fish that may be in good physical condition. You should also be aware that this scales type is only visible to a trained eye because of how hard it can be to remove them.

Catfish scales can vary in color but also can be hard to detect as most fish are not a very bright color overall. They do have a shiny sheen to them when looking a fish up close and are usually more dense than the average carp. In many cases, all you will be able to see inside the scale are the scales themselves or tiny “traces” that make up the main pattern.

A fish that is in good shape should always have a bright, shiny pattern of scales as well as a bright, shiny, shiny belly. A pattern of scales that is not quite ‘metallic-looking’ will give a false and misleading indication that the fish is either ‘off’ or has any major health issues. Catfish scales aren’t always easy to detect, especially since they are quite durable.

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