Do capillaries Have Valves? Please view the video and explore the possibilities Blog: Introduction: This is a fascinating technology which can be used to measure blood flow without the use of radioactive substances and without any risk of infection. This technology is called “in vitro,” and will be revolutionizing many of the laboratory tests that are used to evaluate disease. The technology in this video is made possible thanks to a collaboration between NASA and the National Institutes of Health.

You’ll learn that blood vessels have valves in them and that a diseased vessel can break and cause blood to leak away. Read on for a practical insight into capillaries, which is how these tiny blood vessels actually work. Read more » ### Blog about the topic of “Bloggers as entrepreneurs”. Some of you have already started a blog. Read some posts of the blogger, check their links and take time to learn more about them.

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This is a post to share with you an article on a very interesting topic: What is the secret to a successful marriage? This article was published in the January issue of the online magazine, Love and Relationships magazine.

The title states both the content and the title of the post but the name is the same as the one you see beneath. Old blog: The content of my blog was first written when I was on dating websites looking to find the one to start a romantic relationship with. I have since found them all to be useless. New blog: Although your story has nothing to do with the content of this post, my wife started in the same situation.

You want your wife to be a perfect partner to help raise you children? Well, that is why you need to put some time into dating sites. You’re never going to find the perfect partner unless you put in the time and effort to find one. To be a responsible dating partner, you need to be in shape and healthy.


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