The good thing about candles is that they will last quite a while. But what if they don’t? We are now surrounded with candles everywhere we go, with people wearing candles while they pray, and with different styles and color. While there are no definite rules about when a candle begins expiring, we can definitely say that the sooner your candles are lit, the longer they should last.

Candle life should be fun, and to celebrate our favorite candles, this blog is dedicated to giving tips on when, where, and why to start a candle party.

Candles can last for quite a long time, but they can easily get extinguished during our busy schedules. If you start a candle party when dinner is finished, the candles should be up during the mid-afternoon and the candle-burning and scent will take place with candles.

Not all candles truly expire, but when they do, the only thing that can prevent them is our negligence. Candle parties are a great way to give and give love, and while we can enjoy ourselves if we care fully about each other and our candles, the moment we lose ourselves for our favorite lights should never cross our minds. Blog: Best 3 Questions to Ask your Friend for a Wedding that Will Change Your Life.


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