Do Bussers get tips? Or, What if someone is being a jerk with their Bussing? Well, we know there were a lot of people going to an NFL football game last week, and maybe this is what was in their head.

This video demonstrates how it really feels to have your gear falling off every time you take your bike and it’s an incredibly frustrating experience. It’s one thing to not have your gear on, another to drop it off. There are some tricks you can try when your bike breaks down, such as using a flat spot on the ground and riding out a curb. You’ll need a friend to help you maneuver your bike while moving in or out of tight spaces.

What will happen to me in 5 minutes? We know people who get a phone call they can’t take, sometimes it’s a friend, a family member, or even just the person they live with. We like to say that those people, the ones who have the same problems and suffer the same emotions as you, become best friends because we can understand what they are going through and they can understand what we are going through.

These tips for the bussing of the busses are a compilation of the top tips from around the web. Old blog: A short post on the subject. It is not every one that has all of the answers but we want to share our thoughts when we have an answer, too. New blog: These tips are a compilation of the best ideas on everything you need to know about having all of the answers and be happy doing what you love.

Do you get good tips or bad tips from a busser? Do you take it the wrong way like they all have bad tips or just you just dont hear them right? We think its important to share our thoughts whether you feel you want to or not, because life can be a little bit scary sometimes.


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