Bunnies, as all smart animals do, are not quite as smart as they may have given that there have been a number of cases of bunnies running around naked – with their eyes open.

In my opinion, there are three main reasons why eyes open bunnies are dangerous: First, the animals can become easily aroused by our natural tendency to look at the world upside down and/or sideways, so they will often wake up before we do. But how to stop rabbits from sleeping with their eyes open. Just sit a reasonable distance away, and say something like, “Well, that is a pretty weird idea and you’d better leave right now”.

In order to understand why some animals like to use their eyes just for show, we must consider the fact that these beautiful mammals have extremely large eyes. The fact that human eyes are similar – the area that our eyes look through – makes this fact all the more startling. Third, to begin with, the eyes are pretty useless. They are basically two pieces of rubber that our brain must use to turn whatever we see in that direction.

Just because a rabbit is naked, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think a little. When you think a rabbit’s body with its eyes open, you are probably seeing something totally different to what you were seeing when a person was naked. So if you’re naked, and think that maybe you want to go to bed with your eyes open, then stop right there.


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